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Dear Members and Friends of First Pres., Billings!
Greetings! Here is what is up for this weekend (Feb. 7 & 8) at First Pres.
Rock and Roll Religion at 5 p.m. Saturday with food and fellowship to follow! Worship on Sunday at 8:30 and 11:00. The choir sings at 8:30. The sermon texts for this weekend are I Kings 17:8-16 and Thomas 97 (the parable of the empty jar). Here is a translation of the Gospel of Thomas
And here is the text of the parable of the empty jar...
97 Jesus said, The [Father's] kingdom is like a woman who was carrying a [jar] full of meal. While she was walking along [a] distant road, the handle of the jar broke and the meal spilled behind her [along] the road. She didn't know it; she hadn't noticed a problem. When she reached her house, she put the jar down and discovered that it was empty.
Hmmmm....what do you make of that? I will speaking about this parable and the Gospel of Thomas as well.
Christian Education for all ages at 9:30!! Sister Mary Dostal of Angela's Piazza will speak at Church and Society. She will describe what services they offer to women and their role in the prevention of domestic violence. Click here for their web site!
Last week at church and society, Cheryl Morgan brought some friends to speak about TEAM Mentoring. I was inspired by the testimonies and the ministry. There will be an insert in the bulletin to provide information about TEAM and a schedule for training to become a mentor. Check out their web page!
Here is the C&S schedule for the rest of February:
February 15 Rev. Deb Bergeson-Graham at Rocky Mountain College
February 22 Russ Kline and youth about the Interfaith Hospitality Network
February 29 No class. Come to the Lent Event sponsored by the Mission Committee!
This Sunday is the Fifth and Sixth Graders' Bake Sale in the Fellowship Hall from 9:30 - 11:00. All the proceeds will go to the Rescue Mission and the Women's and Family Shelter!
The Fifth Annual Basket Auction is February 22nd. Get your creative ideas for baskets to Kerry by the 12th!!
Mission opportunities galore! Check out the mission bulletin board in the hallway. On February 15th will be providing and serving dinner at both the Rescue Mission and the Women's and Family Shelter. We need crews for set up, preparing food, clean-up, etc. Contact Greta Murray or Cathy McLean to volunteer. It is very rewarding and fun!
Thanks to all who contributed to the Souper Bowl. First Pres. raised $159.43 for the Food Bank as part of a national effort. Check out the web page!
On February 14th our own Ryan Johnson will d.j. the Marion Arnold Sweetheart Dance in the Fellowship Hall from 7-9 p.m. Rock and Roll, Waltz, Swing-Western, HipHop Music for all ages...as we celebrate Marion's 100th birthday! Only $2 per person and who knows maybe someone will get sweet on ya! Read about the history of Valentine's Day here!
Montana State University--Bozeman and the Presbytery of Yellowstone is excited about the new chaplain! Rev. Joel Biggers will be installed as campus pastor on Sunday, February 15th at 6:30 at the Christus Collegium (Center for Campus Minsitry) 714 South 8th Avenue, Bozeman.
Presbytery meets at Springhill in Belgrade February 13-14. Elders Cathy McLean and Lois Maris are our delegates.
Hey! See you in church!