Read the Bible Cover to Cover in 2004

We have begun our quest to read the Bible cover to cover! On the last Sunday of each month we will review what we have read. For the period from January 1 through January 31 please read Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus (pp. 1-74 brown bible and pp. 1-124 blue bible). Genesis and the first half of Exodus will be easy, fun reading, filled with lots of great stories about Abraham, Sarah, Rebekah, Jacob, Tamar, Joseph, Moses, Miriam and the gang. We will go from Creation to the covenants with Noah and Abraham, to how the Hebrews ended up in slavery, culminating with their subsequent release through Moses and the revealing of the Ten Commandments.

The last half of Exodus will be less exciting. It contains laws such as “don’t boil a kid in its mother’s milk!” You will also find instructions for building the tabernacle as well as the kind of clothes the priests should wear. According to the storyteller, YHWH (the Lord) delivers these instructions to Moses on the mountain. Don’t get frustrated if you get bogged down. There is no prize simply for reading every word! Get a flavor for the detail. The headings in the CEV Bible are quite helpful. At the least read a few of the sections to get an idea of issues these early tribal people faced in regard to their laws and worship. Ask yourself as you read, “What is the significance of these rules and regulations?” Skim when you get bored.

Leviticus is similar to the last half of Exodus. The first 16 chapters contain instructions for worship, ordination of priests, the various sacrifices, purification of women(!), how to test for leprosy and so on. The section containing chapters 17 through 26 is referred to as the “Holiness Code.” It contains laws typical of tribal cultures of this period as well as rules unique to the Hebrews as they understood themselves called to be “Holy” or “set apart” as YHWH’s people. The laws are often mundane, sometimes profound (ie. chapter 25 “Year of Jubilee”), and sometimes offensive. Skim if bored but don’t pass it up!

The January quiz for Genesis through Leviticus:
(Yup, you'll need an extra piece of paper to record your answers. Don't forget to put your name on it!) OR...

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1) What are the names of the three sons of Adam and Eve?
2) What are the names of Jacob's brother, father-in-law, two wives and their two slaves (with whom Jacob also had children), and his thirteen children? Also, which child goes with which mother?
3) What did Joseph place in Benjamin's grain sack?
4) Where was Jacob buried?
5) What are the names of the two women who were faithful to God and who helped the Hebrew women give birth?
6) List the Ten Commandments.
7) What are the names of two of the skilled workers the Lord chose to help construct the sacred tent?
8) Name three reasons for which sacrifices may be offered to the Lord.
9) How did Nadab and Abihu disobey the Lord?
10) Why are pigs "unclean?"
11) How often does the "Year of Celebration" occur and what happens during it?

The January quiz for the Family Story Bible pp. 10-37.

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1) Who made the world?
2) What are the names of the first people?
3) What did Cain do that was bad?
4) What did Noah and his family do when they first got off the ark?
5) What is a covenant?
6) What is the name of the tower the people of Babylon tried to build?
7) What are the names of Abraham's wife and nephew?