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12/21/2003 Let It Be

12/07/2003 A Proud Papa Finds the Christmas Spirit

11/23/2003 God's Realm is among you!

10/05/2003 Peace is the Way

9/28/2003 You Are Not An Island

9/14/2003 Hold Your Tongue

9/07/2003 Picking Favorites

8/17/2003 Stand Against the Spiritual Forces of Evil

8/10/2003 Live in Love as Christ Loved Us

8/03/2003 Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace

6/01/2003 What's Up, Jesus?

5/11/2003 I Remember Mama

5/04/2003 The Face of God

4/18/2003 Good Friday 2003

3/16/2003 The Art of Losing and Gaining Everything

2/09/2003 A Deserted Place

10/6/2002 The Stone the Builders Rejected

3/17/2002 The way of Compassion

1/06/2002 The Light

11/18/2001 Soul Gainers

10/14/2001 The Faith that Makes Us Well

10/07/2001 Doing What We Ought to Have Done

9/30/2001 Noticing Lazarus

9/23/2001 How To Be Generous with other People's Money

9/16/2001 Who Will Seperate Us from the Love of Christ?

9/12/2001 This is a Day of Mourning

8/12/2001 The Greatest of These is Love

5/27/2001 Bigger Than Christmas

5/20/2001 Old To New

Jay's Veterans Day Prayer

Miracles Series

  1. The Meaning of Miracles
  2. Faith That Hurts and Faith That Heals
  3. In The Shadows

Three Encounters

Foibles with Salt, and Peace on the Side

You Don't Need a Ouija Board

Tale of Three Cities

Where is God When You Need Her?

10/19/2003 Rev. Zane Buxton Futures Remembered